Planning Azure for SAP workloads


In this learning path, you see how to plan for a deployment of SAP solutions on Azure. You will also consider the preparation required for migrating SAP workloads to Azure.


Prior to taking this course, it is recommended that you have taken the Azure Administrator (AZ-103) or Azure Solutions Architect (AZ-300) exam, as well as SAP HANA or NetWeaver training.

Modules in this learning path

In this module, you will review the Azure infrastructure options for hosting SAP NetWeaver and S/4HANA systems in Azure. You will examine the differences between the offerings of traditional outsourcers and IaaS offerings.

In this module, you will review the SAP supported VM and HLI types, the OS and DBMS releases for SAP in Azure, and the SAPS throughput estimates provided by Azure VMs and HLI.

In this module, you will walk through the important steps required for deploying SAP workloads to Azure. The steps include project preparation, pilot, non-production, production preparation, go-live, and post production.