Review Microsoft Azure pricing, service level agreements, and lifecycles (AZ-900)

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We will examine factors that affect Azure costs and how you can minimize costs. Additionally, we will explore Azure support plans, Azure SLAs, and the service lifecycle in Azure.


There are no prerequisites for this course, however students with some IT knowledge or experience will find the concepts easier to understand.

Modules in this learning path

This module walks through the basics of Azure and how to get started on the path to completing the AZ-900 exam certification.

Picking the right subscription for you business needs will help you track and control costs as you build solutions in the cloud.

Estimating costs and managing your spend are crucial skills you will want when moving into the cloud. Lets explore your options.

You are placing an application into a cloud-providers hardware versus on-premises. How reliable will your solution be?

Everyone wants to use the next great feature in their solutions before their competitors. Explore features designed to help you know what is coming next.