SC-200 part 3: Mitigate threats using Azure Defender

Security Operations Analyst
Azure Security Center

Use Azure Defender integrated with Azure Security Center, for Azure, hybrid cloud, and on-premises workload protection and security. This learning path aligns with exam SC-200: Microsoft Security Operations Analyst.


  • Familiarity with Azure services, specifically Azure SQL Database and Azure Storage
  • Familiarity with Azure virtual machines and virtual networking
  • Foundational knowledge of computer networking

Modules in this learning path

Learn the purpose of Azure Defender, Azure Defender's relationship to Azure Security Center, and how to enable Azure Defender.

Learn about the protections and detections provided by Azure Defender for each cloud workload.

Learn how to connect your various Azure assets to Azure Defender to detect threats.

Learn how you can add Azure Defender capabilities to your hybrid environment.

Learn how to remediate security alerts in Azure Defender.