Scale AI in your organization

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In this learning path, you’ll get a high-level overview of how to manage an AI organization, team, department, or center of excellence. You’ll learn about fueling innovation at all levels, evaluating and prioritizing AI investments, establishing technical processes for AI, and distributing AI-related responsibilities across the organization.



Modules in this learning path

Everyone in an organization has a role to play in AI transformation. At the highest levels, leaders need to prioritize AI use cases strategically and create an environment where innovative ideas can flourish. Then, those ideas come to life and succeed long-term thanks to collaboration across lines of business and technical teams. This module provides insight into managing AI-related processes and responsibilities in an organization.

In this module, we discuss best practices for creating and managing machine learning (ML) models using MLOps processes. MLOps is the practice of collaboration between data scientists, ML engineers, software developers, and other IT teams to manage the end-to-end ML lifecycle.