Store data in Azure

Data Engineer
Azure Portal
Cloud Shell

Azure provides a variety of ways to store data: unstructured, archival, relational, and more. Learn the basics of storage management in Azure, how to create a Storage Account, and how to choose the right model for the data you want to store in the cloud.



Modules in this learning path

Choose a data storage approach in Azure

Learn how using Azure Storage, Azure SQL Database, and Azure Cosmos DB - or a combination of them - for your business scenario is the best way to get the most performant solution.

Create an Azure Storage account

Create an Azure Storage account with the correct options for your business needs.

Connect an app to Azure Storage

Create a simple application and add configuration, client library references, and code to connect it to Azure Storage.

Secure your Azure Storage account

Learn how Azure Storage provides multilayered security to protect your data. Find out how to use access keys, to secure networks, and to use Advanced Threat Protection to proactively monitor your system.

Store application data with Azure Blob storage

Build an app that stores user files with Azure Blob storage.