Manage and engage with volunteers in Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit

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Volunteer Management and Volunteer Engagement together provide a fully connected solution for setting up volunteer engagement opportunities, and making them available online for volunteers to search, apply, and manage their profiles.


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Modules in this learning path

Volunteer Management and Volunteer Engagement enable nonprofit organizations to manage relationships with their volunteers, and the end-to-end process of engaging volunteers, from publishing opportunities and receiving applications, through onboarding and communications, to post-engagement activities and reporting.

In this module you will learn how to set up engagement opportunities in Volunteer Management. You will learn how to add descriptions, location, required qualifications, and preferences, and how to set up a shift schedule. You will also learn how to configure settings to send automated messages to participants, and how to configure which details about the engagement will be visible if you choose to publish the engagement to the Volunteer Engagement portal.

Learn to add volunteers and create groups of volunteers, and to manage volunteer participation and communication.

Learn to approve applications, onboard and schedule volunteers, record attendance, and close the engagement.

Volunteer Engagement is used to help volunteers sign up and manage their participation for engagement opportunities.

Configure preferences, qualifications, and onboarding templates to use in the Volunteer Management app.

Learn how Volunteer Management and Volunteer Engagement integrate with other parts of the Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit.