Limited access to Custom Neural Voice

As part of Microsoft’s commitment to responsible AI, we are designing and releasing Custom Neural Voice with the intention of protecting the rights of individuals and society, fostering transparent human-computer interaction and counteract the proliferation of harmful deepfakes and misleading content. For this reason, we have limited the access and use of Custom Neural Voice.

Application process

Custom Neural Voice feature requires registration and Microsoft may limit access based on Microsoft’s eligibility criteria. Customers who wish to use this feature are required to apply and submit an intake form. Access to the Custom Neural Voice capability is subject to Microsoft’s sole discretion based on eligibility criteria and a vetting process and Customers must acknowledge that they have reviewed and agree to the Azure terms of service. Microsoft may require customers to re-verify this information.

Cognitive Services, Speech Service, Custom Neural Voice capability is made available to customers under the terms governing its subscription to Microsoft Azure Services (including the Online Services Terms). Please review these terms carefully as they contain important conditions and obligations governing your use of Custom Neural Voice. For example, these terms include, but are not limited to, the following obligations:

  1. Voice talent and approved use cases. Customer will need to warrant that it has obtained explicit written permission from voice talent prior to creating a voice model, which includes sharing the Disclosure for Voice Talent with the voice talent and may only use the custom voice model for use cases approved in the registration application.

  2. Implementation requirements. As outlined in our Code of Conduct here, customer must not use its custom voice model for certain prohibited uses and must also agree that when deploying the custom voice model, its implementation will disclose the synthetic nature of the service to users and support a feedback channel that allows users of the service to report issues and share details with Microsoft.

  3. Microsoft’s additional processing and use of voice talent data. Before Customer can train a custom voice model, we may require customers to upload an audio file to the Speech Studio with a pre-defined statement from the voice talent acknowledging customer’s use of Voice Talent’s voice to create a synthetic voice. As a technical safeguard intended to help prevent misuse of this service, Microsoft reserves the right to use Microsoft’s speaker recognition biometric identification technology on this recorded statement and verify it against the training audio data in order to provide some assurance that the voices come from the same speaker. Microsoft will also continue to retain this audio file and the custom voice model to protect the security and integrity of our services. Customer is responsible for ensuring all necessary permissions are received from its voice talent for these purposes.

Learn more about how we process this data in the Data and Privacy section. Learn more about the legal terms that apply to this service here.

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