Change history for App Developer Agreement

Date Document version Change description
March 5, 2019 8.4

Updated 1 (h), definition of Commerce Expansion Adjustment

Updated 1 (k) to reflect renaming of “Dev Center” to “Partner Center” and updated references throughout the Agreement and its Exhibits

Updated 1 (t), definition of Net Receipts

Updated 1 (y), definition of Store or Microsoft Store

Updated 1 (aa), definition of Store Fees

Added 1 (hh), definition of Small Transaction Adjustment

Added 1 (ii), definition of CID

Added 1 (iii), definition of OCID

Updated 4 (a) (i) regarding Microsoft’s role as agent or commissionaire and related clarifications to how we deduct fees

Updated 6 (b) (i, ii, iii, iv) to reflect new Store Fees and revenue shares

Updated 6 (c) with Commerce Expansion Adjustment and Small Transaction Adjustment terms

Updated 6 (d), clarifying payment terms

Updated 6 (h), regarding deduction of any returns/chargebacks

Exhibit C, 4, regarding deduction of any returns/chargebacks

Exhibit G, update and rename of Dev Center Benefits Program to Windows Developer Rewards Program

Removal of Exhibit I, Dev Center Insider Program

May 23, 2018 8.3

Updated definition of “Personal Information” (1) (v).

Added clarification to (5) (b) that local law provision applies to both the developer and their app. Added new clause requiring developers to take reasonable actions as requested by Microsoft as needed for Microsoft to comply with its legal obligations.

Clarified in (5) (f) that enabling Xbox Live Services may cause an app to collect Personal Information.

Added language to (8) (b) to clarify that any Personal Information exposed in the error reporting data is considered Microsoft Confidential. Such data is subject to requirements governing handling of personal information, including deletion after 30 days, and destruction or return to Microsoft at Microsoft’s request, and annual audits.

February 14, 2018 8.2

Updated tax language to: (i) grant Microsoft Affiliates the right to remit taxes on behalf of New Zealand App Developers, (ii) clarify new GST registration requirements for New Zealand App Developers who make paid apps/in-app products available in the Store, and (iii) updated the Microsoft Subsidiary acting as agent in Australia and New Zealand.

November 20, 2017 8.1

Updated language (10) (c) to clarify assignment of liability and developer indemnity obligations.

October 26, 2017 8.0

Updated the Store Fee section to implement the 85/15 revenue share for non-Game subscriptions.

Added definition of "Game," and updated "Commerce Expansion Adjustment," to clarify that there will be no changes to Game and non-subscription revenue shares.

Added a developer representation stating that the individual accepting the ADA on behalf of his/her company is authorized to do so on behalf of the company.

Updated the definition of the "Store" in connection with Microsoft Store branding changes.

Updated the Standard Application License Terms (Exhibit H) to make them consistent with the Standard Application License Terms in the Microsoft Services Agreement.

July 1, 2017 7.10

Updated tax language to: (i) grant Microsoft Affiliates the right to remit taxes on behalf of Australian App Developers, and (ii) clarify new GST registration requirements for Australian App Developers who make paid apps/in-app products available in the Store.

Updated Exhibit H: Windows Store – Standard Application License Terms to provide that the [Microsoft Usage Rules]( govern use rights.

Added the “Microsoft Store for Education” as another store through which Apps and In-App Products submitted via Dev Center may be made available to Educational Institutions for distribution to, and use by, their authorized employees, agents, and members.

April 12, 2017 7.9

Updated language (4) (a) to grant Microsoft Affiliates the right to appoint other Microsoft Affiliates as sub-agents

Revised terms (4) (g) to set licensing usage to be consistent with the Microsoft Usage Rules

New applicable law terms (5) (b) clarify requirements with applicable export laws

Removed the “no harm to users” (5) (l) and added to the Windows Store Policies

October 1, 2016 7.8

Updated contracting party in (12) (e) for developers with primary headquarters located in New Zealand in accordance with updated tax law.

August 2, 2016 7.7

Updated definition of “Application” and “App Assets” (1) (c) (d) to include extensions, video trailers and user-generated content

Clarified “Certification” (1) (f) to be defined as completed and passed certification process

Inclusion of Microsoft’s Affiliates in the definition of “Covered Parties” (1) (i) for purposes of limitation of liability and indemnification

Clarified definition of “In-App Product” (1) (n)

Added “NDA” and “User Generated Content” into definitions list (1) (q) (aa)

Clarification that Promotional codes are provided in limited number and can each be used a limited number of times (3) (k)

Updated age ratings to apply to both apps and In-App Products (4) (e)

Updated In-App Commerce (5) (e) to remove grace period for implementing MS IAP for digital goods

Clarification that enabling of the Xbox Live Service (5) (f) within an app requires submission through the Xbox certification process

Clarification of Error Reporting Data (9) (b) requiring developers to promptly delete any Personal Information included in Error Reporting Data and not use or disclose such data for any purpose

Updated Exhibit C Marketing Rights to include Microsoft Authorized Resellers

Updated Exhibit E Advertising Section Requirements for Indemnifications to incorporate and reference Section (10) (c) and (11) (b)

Update to Exhibit H to reflect new Standard Application License Terms

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