Service Activation for Volume Licensing Programs

Activate Online Services purchased via Volume Licensing

See our step by step VLSC User Guide to Online Services.

The guide explains how to use the Microsoft Volume Licensing Service Center (VLSC) for:

  • subscribing and activating Microsoft services for first-time users and for existing users
  • reserving seats or adding new services
  • viewing existing services
  • changing VLSC admin roles
  • troubleshooting tips and where to get support for your services

Online Services activation email from Microsoft

When the first order for online services is placed under an enrollment, Microsoft sends an email to the Online Services Manager (OSM) listed on the Enrolment.

The subject line reads "Set up your new Microsoft volume licensing subscription."

The online service activation email may be forwarded to another individual to complete the activation.

Ideally, your OSM should be the person in your organization who administers services, such as an IT Administrator or Network Administrator.

If you require the activation email to be resent please contact VLSC Assisted Support at the Contact us link on the bottom of this page.

Can OSM complete Online Services License Reservations

Online Service Reservations functionality is not available to the OSM by default.

The Online Reservation function is available to the following roles on VLSC:

  • VLSC Administrator
  • Online Administrator (OLA)
  • OSM with the Manage Reservation permission.

The Agreement Admin must assign this Reservation permission to an OSM on a per enrolment basis.

Yes, the activation link expires 6 months from the original purchase date. Contact Support to get the activation link reactivated.

Why have I not received the activation email

Some common reasons why you may not receive an activation email are:

  • Activation emails are not sent if the OSM's email domain is already verified on an Online Service account. Instead, the services are automatically provisioned to that online service account.
  • Activation email was sent to a different contact.
  • Activation email was blocked or went into your junk mail folder.
  • Activation emails will not be sent to an email address,
  • The Licensing ID / Enrollment is already associated with an online account. If the service is already activated from a previous order, all additional licenses are automatically associated to the same account and no further activation emails will be sent.
  • The order usage date is in the future. Orders may be submitted prior to the licensed usage period. Services activation emails may not be sent until 48 hours from the usage start date.
  • The listed email address for the Online Services Manager is the email address on record for a Global Administrator or Billing Administrator on an existing service account. In this case, all licenses are automatically assigned to the existing account and no activation email is sent.
  • No order or reservation was placed. Check with your Licensed Software Reseller to make sure your order was placed. If it was placed, the licenses should be visible in the License Summary tab.
  • The reservation order is not processed. If your reservation has not taken effect within 2 hours please contact the VLSC Support team.

If I already have an account for Microsoft services, can I continue using my existing account

Yes. Choosing the first option Sign in to your organization's existing work or school account in the activation email will preserve settings and data from your existing work or school account and automatically activate all services ordered under the Volume Licensing enrollment to the existing account.


Choosing Register for a new work or school account will result in the creation of a new work or school account that will be administered separately and will have separate email domains from the existing account (see What should I do if the licenses got activated on the wrong account).

Avoid incorrectly activating services on the wrong account

Before you click on the activation link, please ensure you are logged out of any existing Microsoft Service Accounts. Next, open the link in an Incognito or InPrivate browser window to ensure you are not already signed into any other Microsoft Service Accounts.

What should I do if the licenses got activated on the wrong account

Contact Support, which will work with you to remap your licenses to the correct account.


A remap implies moving all subscriptions/Enterprise Agreements associated to a Public Customer Number (PCN). We recommend discussing first with your Commercial Executive, Reseller or Partner to ensure that a new PCN is created and that the necessary subscriptions are ordered.

Required actions after the licenses are activated

Some of the key actions to take once your licenses are activated are:

  • Set up a new service. To do this, the Global Administrator needs to assign the licenses to users.
  • Switch services (e.g. from E3 to E5.) To do this, the Global Administrator must assign new subscription licenses to users.

Cancel an activated subscription

If you bought a subscription through Microsoft Online Subscription Program (using a credit card or invoice) and you want to cancel that subscription, please Contact Support. For subscriptions purchased via volume licensing programs (for example Open Value, Microsoft Products and Services Agreement), contact your Licensed Software Reseller.

Do not see licenses on your account after activation

The most common reasons why you are not seeing licenses on your account are;

  • The Usage Date on the order, or online reservation, is less than 48 hours ago, or is in the future. It can take up to 48 hours from the usage start date for services to become available. Contact your Licensed Software Reseller to understand your order or reservation details.
  • Add-on subscriptions require the base subscription to be on the same Enrollment Number. Contact your Licensed Software Reseller if this is not the case.
  • The licenses were activated on the wrong account. Contact Support.
  • The service is not launched in the country you have set up the account. Contact your Licensed Software Reseller.
  • There are subscriptions on the existing account that are not compatible with the subscriptions which you want to activate. Contact Support.

Can I have multiple volume license enrollments assigned to the same account

Yes, you can associate multiple enrollments to one account, but you cannot associate an enrollment to more than one account.

How can I split the licenses from one enrollment across multiple accounts

All licenses ordered under an enrollment are assigned to the same online service account or tenant. Separate accounts (tenants) will require separate volume license enrollments. You should contact your Licensed Software Reseller or Microsoft Account Manager to evaluate possible options.

Do I have to activate my new enrollment when I have completed the renewal process

If you use the same organization name when you renew by signing a new enrollment, our system automatically assigned the enrollment to the existing work or school account you will not receive any activation emails.

If you have multiple enrollments under your EA with the same organization name, then you will receive the activation emails and you will need to activate an account for each enrollment.

What actions need to be taken after the enrollment is renewed

After the enrollment has been renewed, the Global Administrator should verify that the licenses are visible in the Office 365 portal by logging into the portal on the existing work or school account.

If the licenses are not visible, verify if the licenses need to be activated by checking if there was an activation email sent to the Online Service Manager. Otherwise, contact your Licensed Software Reseller or Support.

If you switch subscriptions (e.g. from E3 to E5), the Global Administrator has to assign the new subscription licenses to users, otherwise, they will lose access to their service after the grace period expires.


If you renew with the same subscriptions, the licenses are automatically assigned to their users.

Why has the renewal doubled the number of services that were ordered

The renewal process can cause what appears to be discrepancies between VLSC and the Online Services Administration portals. This is a temporary side effect of measures designed to prevent any service interruption.

When you renew from one volume license enrollment to another, subscriptions ordered under the original enrollment appear with a status of In Grace in the Online Service Administration portal, while the subscriptions ordered under the new enrollment appear with a status of Active.

This is sometimes misinterpreted as double counting of licenses, but Global Administrators should consider the subscriptions with Active status as relevant to licensed quantity.

After a period, subscriptions In Grace period will be automatically de-provisioned (removed) from the account and the data will be deleted.

Contact Assisted Support

VLSC customers may also Contact Us by phone or by Web Form. Microsoft will respond to Web Form submissions within 24 hours.