Sign Agreement

Sign your eAgreement package

  • When your Licensing Solutions Partner, or reseller, submits a volume licensing agreement package for your signature, you'll receive an email from Microsoft asking you to sign into Microsoft's eAgreements tool and add your electronic signature.

  • You'll be asked to sign in with either a work or school account (WSA) or a Microsoft account (MSA). You may already have one of these accounts. If you don't, creating one takes just minutes.

    • Neither account type requires your organization to purchase a service or assign you a subscription. They're simply a method of authenticating your identity.

Which account type to use on eAgreements

Work or school accounts are the preferred option because they also work on the Microsoft Volume License Service Center and the Microsoft 365 Admin Center where you view licenses and product keys, download software, or activate online services.


  • If you are using any Microsoft online services such as Microsoft 365 you already do have a work account. Sign in with the same account you use to access that service.
  • Work or Schools Accounts may look like, or
  • These accounts allow organizations administrators to control user access, user ID format and password reset permissions.

Microsoft Accounts are less optimal because while you may sign your Agreement with an MSA you won't be able to use it to access and manage licenses in the Volume License Service Center or Microsoft 365 Admin Center.


  • If you only need to sign the agreement and will not be involved in managing the licenses later this may be OK.
  • Or, if you need to urgently sign the agreement and are not able to Sign In or Sign Up with a work or school account, you may decide to go with an MSA just for the signature process.
  • Microsoft Accounts may look like or and are for personal use of consumer-oriented Microsoft products or services such as Outlook, OneDrive, Xbox Live, or Microsoft 365.
  • Because these accounts are personal to the user rather than to an organization, neither a user's own organization or Microsoft will be able to reset a user's password or change the email format etc.

Sign into eAgreements with a work or school account

  1. If your organization uses any Microsoft online services, or you've signed into eAgreements or the Volume License Service Center previously, you may already have a work or school account.

    Simply try to Sign in to eAgreements with the user ID and password you use at work.

    eAgreements Sign in Error: Message displayed "this does not appear to be a valid work or school account"

    • This means the domain of the email address (for example, you provided isn't recognized.
      • Your organization may use online services but hasn't yet registered the organization's domain (for example, user IDs are in the format of rather than
      • If your organization does not use any Microsoft online services, you can sign up and create an account in just minutes. See below for more information.
      • Don't forget to look for typos or extra spaces in the email address you inputted.

    eAgreements Sign In Error: Message displayed "Sorry, but we're having trouble signing you in. AADSTS50020"

    • This can arise where a user's email domain (for example, is recognized but the specific email address ( doesn't exist in that domain in AAD.

      • You may be using a different email address than normal (for example, an email address you use just for licensing administration).
      • It could be that the organization has deployed services to some users but not to others.
    • Resolve this by asking your organization's administrator (typically a Network or IT Admin) to add you as a user in your organization's Azure Active Directory (AAD).


      • A user can exist within the AAD without being assigned a service, so you don't have to be assigned a subscription just to have a work or school account.
      • See Admin instructions about how to add or delete users using Azure Active Directory.
  2. If you can't sign in with a work or school account, you can create one in just minutes.

Sign up for a work or school account

Go to Sign Up.

Screenshot shows the sign-up page.

  1. Complete the required information and choose Next.


    The person who completes this becomes the "global administrator" for the organization's account (sometimes known as a "tenant") by default but can add additional global administrators if they prefer to delegate this responsibility to others.

  2. A new Azure Active Directory (AAD) work or school account with an user ID will be created. For example, in a business named Fourth Coffee, your user ID might be

  3. Now, return to the email from select the signature link and choose Sign in with a work or school account. Use your new WSA user ID to sign in.

    • Later, you may choose to add your custom domain* to the Azure Active Directory account (or Tenant) so you can have user IDs like rather than


      * This requires some technical information about the custom domain, so it may be something you prefer your IT Administrator or Network Administrator (the person who administers your organization's domain) to complete. Administrators can follow the steps outlined at Add your custom domain name using the Azure Active Directory portal.

    • This same WSA user ID can be used to sign into the Volume Licensing Services Center (VLSC) or Microsoft 365 Admin Center after your reseller submits orders under your agreement and you receive a separate email inviting you to register these licenses on the VLSC if you're the listed contact.

Sign in to eAgreements with a Microsoft Account

  • On the eAgreements Web log-in page, choose Sign in with your Microsoft Account (Windows Live ID).
  • Input the email address for your existing Microsoft Account (MSA) or that you want to associate with a new MSA and select Next.
    • If you're prompted to enter a password, it means the email address you input is associated with an MSA. Simply enter the password to proceed.
    • If the message displayed is That Microsoft account doesn't exist. Enter a different account or get a new one, it means there's no MSA associated to that email address.

You can create one now!

Create a Microsoft account for use on Microsoft eAgreements


Please note that while MSA may be used to sign an agreement it won't work for many other Microsoft sites. If you are the person who will need to register the licenses in the Volume Licensing Service Center (VLSC), please note that you will need to create a work or school account in order to access that site.

  • From the eAgreements home page or in the Microsoft Account sign in window select Create one now….

  • Enter your personal email address (that is, or


    You will NOT be able to use an organizational email address to create an MSA

  • Create a password.

  • Verify your email address. A code will be sent to the email address you provided. If you don't receive the email, check your junk folder, or try again.

  • When you see the message Let this app access your info, select Yes to grant permission to the VL eAgreements application to view your basic profile, maintain access to data you have given in your VL agreement(s), and to view your email address.

    Screenshot that shows the agreements needs permission.

    • If you don't consent, the following error message is displayed:

      An error occurred while processing your request and has been logged. If the problem persists, please contact your account administrator.

      In this case, because your account is a personal Microsoft account there's no administrator. You must consent to allow the VL eAgreements application to proceed with eSignature.

View the contract your reseller submitted for your signature

  • Go to the email you received from and copy the link listed under "action required link" into an InPrivate browser.
  • Upon signing in, you land on the Contract Package view. Select the Document Name to view the contents.
    • Contract documents require Adobe Acrobat Reader to read the .pdf file type. This can be downloaded and installed free from Adobe.

    • Signed in but don't see any agreement contract?

      You may have returned to the eAgreements home page after creating your WSA or MSA. Go to the email from and copy the "action required link" into an InPrivate Browser.

  • To accept or reject the agreement, enter your name exactly as it appears on the form, your job title. Select Submit.

Managing license

  • After signing the agreement in eAgreements, you still need to wait for it to become active and for your reseller to place an order with Microsoft for licenses under that agreement before those licenses will be available to manage.
  • Once the agreement is activated, the individuals named on the agreement receive a welcome email from Microsoft inviting them to register on the Volume License Service Center (VLSC) to access and manage the agreements.
    • The individual named on the agreement by the reseller to manage licenses in VLSC may or may not be the same individual as signed the agreement!
    • If you signed the agreement in eAgreement using a work or school account and you're also invited to register on the VLSC you can use the same WSA to sign in.
  • Resellers typically place orders soon after an Agreement becomes active, but this isn't always the case.

eAgreements sign in errors

Server Error – 502 – Web server received an invalid response while acting as a gateway or proxy server.

This is typically resolved by refreshing your browser; make sure cookies / cached are clean.

This credential is already tied to another contact GUID, please sign out and log in with a different credential or contact your System administrator. (79024)

This is a known issue that will require our technical support team to resolve. We're working to prevent this reoccurring, but if you do receive the above error message, please contact our support team (see Contact Assisted Support at the bottom of this page).

You may be asked to send a screen capture and some information about your or your organization.

Required information for escalation

  • Agreement/Enrolment Numbers:
  • Public Customer Number (eAgreements):
  • Company Name:
  • Contact Name:
  • Contact Phone:
  • Contact Email Address:
  • Windows Live ID:
  • Unique ID or PUID:
  • Description and Steps Taken:
  • Desired Outcome:
  • Screenshots required

Contact assisted support

VLSC customers may also Contact Us by phone or by Web Form. Microsoft will respond to Web Form submissions within 24 hours.