Shares Overview

LinkedIn offers a Shares and Social Stream API Platform through which members can share content and insights with their professional network. Shared content can be personal shares or organization shares and is distributed to members through the network updates stream.

The network updates stream is a rich and engaging real-time feed of content and changes in a member’s first and second-degree network. Viral interactions and activities in the stream create additional distribution opportunities across the larger network of professionals on LinkedIn.


The User-Generated Post(UGC Post) API is an upcoming API that will eventually replace the Shares API. UGC Post is currently best suited for creating and fetching video posts. The Shares API does not support video. Use the UGC Post API to create video content for organic posts and video ads. More functionality will be soon be added to the UGC Post API.


Permalinks are permanent URLs to your posts, pages, or other content. To share threads and comments from an application, construct a permalink URL by prepending to the value in the path column below.

Type Dynamic Segment(s) Permalink Path
Profile person.vanityName /in/<person.vanityName>/
Thread activityUrn /feed/update/<activityUrn>
Comment activityUrn, commentUrn /feed/update/<activityUrn>?commentUrn=<commentUrn>


Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in the Microsoft Terms of Use and Microsoft Privacy Statement (please find the relevant links in the footer below), your use of the LinkedIn programmatic web APIs, software and other functionality and their associated tools and documentation that LinkedIn makes available to developers are governed by the LinkedIn API Terms of Use unless you have executed a separate signed partnership agreement, in which case that agreement shall apply.