Migrating From Default Permission Scopes

Default scopes were sunset on September 15, 2019 unless an extension was communicated to you. Apps that relied on default scopes in their OAuth flow must now request scopes explicitly in their OAuth flow. If your app is using default scopes and you do not know which scopes are being requested, follow the steps below to identify them.

  1. Determine if your app is using default scopes by inspecting your code. If your call to request an authorization code includes a scope parameter explicitly requesting permissions, your app is not using default scopes and does not need to take any action. IMPORTANT: If your call does not include a scope parameter, proceed with the rest of the steps.
  2. Initiate OAuth flow from your app as a user.
  3. Proceed to the LinkedIn authentication screen describing what access is being requested.
  4. Map the access request descriptions to their corresponding scopes using the Scope to Consent Message Mapping table.
  5. Update your call in the Request Authorization Code step to explicitly request scopes as in the example below.
Scope Message
r_ad_campaigns View advertising campaigns you manage
r_ads Retrieve your advertising accounts
r_ads_leadgen_automation Access your Lead Gen Forms and retrieve leads
r_ads_reporting Retrieve reporting for your advertising accounts
r_basicprofile Use your basic profile including your name, photo, headline, and current positions
r_emailaddress Use the primary email address associated with your LinkedIn account
r_liteprofile Use your name, headline, and photo
r_member_social Retrieve your posts, comments, likes, and other engagement data
r_organization_social Retrieve your organizations' posts, including any comments, likes and other engagement data
rw_ad_campaigns Manage your advertising campaigns
rw_ads Manage your advertising accounts
rw_company_admin For V1 calls
Manage your organization's page and post updates
rw_dmp_segments Create and manage your matched audiences
rw_organization_admin Manage your organizations' pages and retrieve reporting data
rw_organization For V2 calls
Manage your organization's page and post updates
w_member_social Post, comment and like posts on your behalf
w_organization_social Post, comment and like posts on your organization's behalf
w_share Post updates to LinkedIn as you