Education Fields

Field Name Sub-Field Name Required Description
id   Yes The unique identifier of the education object.
activities   No Localizable description of activities, societies, clubs, or sports teams the member participated in while attending this school. It is a  MultiLocaleString  type.
degreeName   No Localizable degree attained at this school. It is a  MultiLocaleString  type.
endMonthYear   No End date of the education. It is a  Date  type. Does not support "day" and "month" field.
fieldsOfStudy   No Degrees achieved in respective fields of study.
  fieldOfStudyName No Localizable field of study or major. It is a  MultiLocaleString  type.
grade   No Grade attained in the area of study.
  grade No Localizable grade of the degree or major. It is a  MultiLocaleString  type.
notes   No Localizable description for additional details about this education. It is a  MultiLocaleRichText  type.
program   No Standardized referenced school program URN.
richMediaAssociations   No Array of rich media URN associated with the member's education.
school   No Standardized referenced Organization URN.
schoolName   No Localizable school name. It is a  MultiLocaleString  type.
startMonthYear   No Start date of the education. It is a  Date  type. Does not support "day" and "month" field.