Publication Fields

Field Name Sub-Field Name Required Description
id   Yes The unique identifier of the publication object.
authors   Yes People who wrote the publication or contributed to it. Represented in an array of Contributors. Required to have the member's own person URN in the array.
  memberId No The contributor represented in person URN.
  name No Localizable member name. It is a  MultiLocaleString  type.
date   No Day, month, and year indicating when the publication was published. It is a  Date  type.
description   No Localizable description of the publication. It is a  MultiLocaleRichText  type.
name   Yes Localizable name of the publication. It is a  MultiLocaleString  type.
publisher   No Localizable publication or publisher for the title. It is a  MultiLocaleString  type.
url   No URL referencing the publication represented in string.