Volunteering Interest Fields

Field Name Sub-Field Name Required Description
supportedNonprofits   No DEPRECATED. Use "selectedContactInterests" instead. Optional array of SupportedNonprofit.
  companyId No A standardized referenced company URN. Refer here for more information.
  companyName Yes Localizable company name. It is a  MultiLocaleString  object type.
supportedPredefinedCauses   No An array of enum. Enum of predefined volunteering causes:
  • animalRights
  • artsAndCulture
  • children
  • civilRights
  • economicEmpowerment
  • education
  • environment
  • health
  • humanRights
  • humanitarianRelief
  • politics
  • povertyAlleviation
  • scienceAndTechnology
  • socialServices
supportedUserDefinedCauses   No An array of user inputted string. Not currently used in any LinkedIn platform's UI.