Apply Connect

Without an apply integration, users who post jobs on LinkedIn through an ATS currently have no way of receiving applicants directly into the ATS system of record. Traditionally, apply integrations were designed to increase applicant volume. However, for a large segment of company types and roles, end users receive more applicants than they can handle. Apply Connect’s goal is twofold: 1) deliver more quality applicants to help ATS users (job posters and hiring managers who review applicant lists) fill hard to fill roles faster, and 2) surface insights and deliver skills data to help users sift through applications and make decisions on candidates faster as they move down the funnel.

When Apply Connect has been integrated into an ATS, a customer can then enable Apply Connect to 1) post jobs including their respective application flows to LinkedIn, and 2) retrieve applicants from LinkedIn all without leaving their ATS. It consists of 3 main components:

  • A comprehensive set of APIs that: 1) send job postings and associated application questions to LinkedIn, 2) receive job applications and skills match data from LinkedIn applicants in near-realtime, and 3) deliver generalized stage data to applicants to keep them in the loop about the status of their job applications.
  • A widget that triggers on hover that displays an insights overview - designed for candidate list views.
  • A full page Apply Connect profile widget rendered on the application view of a candidate.

Before beginning development, you'll need to request access to the API and testing resources.


The use of this API is restricted to those developers approved by LinkedIn and subject to applicable data restrictions in their agreements.

This integration requires a partnership; please reach out to your LinkedIn Relationship Manager or Business Development contact as you will need to meet certain criteria and sign an API agreement to use this integration.

If you are not yet a LinkedIn Talent Solutions Partner, please complete the LinkedIn Talent Solutions Partner Request Form.