ML Server on the Data Science Virtual Machine

The Microsoft Data Science Virtual Machine is an Azure virtual machine (VM) image pre-configured with several popular tools, including Machine Learning Server on the Linux VM and both Machine Learning Server and SQL Server Machine Learning Services on the Windows. Machine Learning Server (Developer Edition) includes the complete R distribution from CRAN and a Python interpreter, python distribution from Anaconda, plus additional data-analysis functions with big-data capabilities, and the operationalization framework for integrating R and Python into applications as web services. The developer edition is identical to the Enterprise Machine Learning Server edition, but licensed for development/test use.

Through Azure’s worldwide cloud infrastructure, you now have on-demand access to a data science development environment in which you can rapidly derive insights from your data, build predictive models and advanced analytics solutions for deployment to the cloud, on-premises or in a hybrid environment.

The Microsoft Data Science Virtual Machine jump starts your analytics project by saving you the trouble of having to discover and install these tools individually. Hosting the data science machine on Azure gains you high availability and a consistent set of tools used across your data science team. It enables you to work on tasks in a variety of languages including R and Python. Visual Studio provides an IDE to develop and test your code that is easy to use. The Azure SDK included in the VM allows you to build your applications using various services on Microsoft’s cloud platform.

We encourage you to try the Microsoft Data Science Virtual Machine to jumpstart your analytics project.

Start using Machine Server/ Machine Learning Services in the Cloud

You’ll need to create your own Microsoft Data Science Virtual Machine (VM). To create this VM, you must have an Azure subscription and an Azure storage account. Learn more about creating a Data Science VM see here.

After you provision your virtual machine from the image, you can start exploring your data and modeling right away. The data on the virtual machine is stored on the cloud and highly available.

Billing for the VM image includes all of the software installed on the machine. More details on the compute fees can be found here.

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