Microsoft R Server is now Microsoft Machine Learning Server

In September 2017, Microsoft R Server was released under the new name of Microsoft Machine Learning Server. In version 9.2.1, Machine Learning Server added support for the full data science lifecycle of Python-based analytics to its list of machine learning and AI capabilities enhancements. The R capabilities were also enhanced. In the latest 9.3 version, Machine Learning Server improves operationalization and deployment of web services containing R or Python code.

Read the What's new in this release to learn more.

Building on our commitment to R

Microsoft continues its commitment and development in R -- not only in the latest Machine Learning Server release, but also in the newest Microsoft R Client and Microsoft R Open releases.

Upgrade to Machine Learning Server

Moving from R Server to Machine Learning Server is as easy as ever. The R analytics and web services you developed under R Server will continue to work under Machine Learning Server.

  1. Follow these instructions to install Machine Learning Server on Windows, Linux, and Hadoop.

  2. Don't forget to upgrade your web and compute nodes if you are operationalizing your analytics.


Note that Microsoft R Server 9.1 for Teradata was the last release and will not have a Machine Learning Server equivalent.

Download prior R Server releases

The following table provides links for downloading older versions of Microsoft R Server. Find the instructions for installing R Server here.

Want the new Machine Learning Server? Learn how to install Machine Learning Server here.

Site for R Server Edition Details
Visual Studio Dev Essentials Developer (free) This option provides a zipped file, free when you sign up for Visual Studio Dev Essentials. Developer edition has the same features as Enterprise, except it is licensed for development scenarios.
Volume Licensing Service Center (VLSC) Enterprise Sign in, search for R Server. Choose the right version for your OS.

From Visual Studio Dev Essentials:

  1. Click Join or access now to sign up for download benefits.
  2. Check the URL to verify it changed to
  3. Click Downloads to search for R Server.
  4. Click Downloads for a specific version to select the platform.

Download page on Visual Studio benefits page

Get support for R Server

Microsoft is committed to providing customers with support. Microsoft R Server support continues in these ways:

The future of Microsoft R Client

Microsoft R Client continues on as an R-only client for Machine Learning Server and R Server.

A Python interpreter can also be installed locally along with the custom Python packages to gain similar functionality on a Windows machine. Learn more.