Install Intune Company Portal on devices

Microsoft Managed Desktop requires that IT administrators install the Intune Company Portal for their users with Microsoft Managed Desktop devices. The benefits to your organization include:

  • Users have one place to browse and install available applications.
  • IT administrators can organize applications by categories for their users.
  • Some applications (like Microsoft Project and Microsoft Visio) require Company Portal to deploy with Microsoft Managed Desktop.
  • IT administrators can customize Company Portal for their organization. Customizations includes brand imaging, adding in local support contacts, and more. For more information, see How to Configure the Microsoft Intune Company Portal app.

This article documents the process for deploying the Intune Company Portal to your Microsoft Managed Desktop users. The overall process looks like this:

  1. Purchase Company Portal from Microsoft Store for Business and sync with Intune.
  2. Assign Company Portal to your users.
  3. Communicate change to your users.

Step 1: Purchase Company Portal from Microsoft Store for Business and sync with Intune

For information on how to purchase the apps and sync with Intune, see Microsoft Store for Business apps in Deploy apps to Microsoft Managed Desktop devices.

This article provides info on how to:

  • Purchase Company Portal from Microsoft Store for Business.
  • Force sync between Intune and Microsoft Store for Business.
  • Verify active sync between Intune and Microsoft Store for Business.

Step 2: Assign Company Portal to your users

Following your enrollment in Microsoft Managed Desktop, we'll automatically deploy Company Portal to your tenant and install the app on Microsoft Managed Desktop devices in your organization.

Step 3: Communicate change to your users

As the IT administrator for your organization, it's important to let your users know how to use Company Portal in your organization. Microsoft Managed Desktop recommends:

Steps to get started with Microsoft Managed Desktop

  1. Access admin portal.
  2. Add and verify admin contacts in the Admin portal.
  3. Adjust settings after enrollment.
  4. Deploy and assign Intune Company Portal (this article).
  5. Assign licenses.
  6. Deploy apps.
  7. Prepare devices
  8. Set up first-run experience with Autopilot and the Enrollment Status Page.
  9. Turn on user support features.
  10. Get your users ready to use devices.
  11. Get started with app control.