Get support for Endpoint analytics

Microsoft provides global technical, pre-sales, billing, and subscription support for Endpoint analytics. Support is available both online and by phone for paid and trial subscriptions. Online technical support is available in English and Japanese. Phone support and online billing support are available in additional languages.

Before contacting Microsoft Support, first review the following articles:

Help and support

To request help for Endpoint analytics, use the Help and Support option in the portal under Troubleshooting + support. This action files an online support ticket for Endpoint analytics. To create and manage a support incident, your account must have an Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) role that includes the action microsoft.office365.supportTickets/tickets/manage. For more information, see administrator roles in Azure AD.

If the issue is more broadly for Intune than just Endpoint analytics, follow the instructions in the How to get support in Microsoft Endpoint Manager article to open a new support request. For an issue that is more broadly for Configuration Manager than just Endpoint analytics, go to Microsoft support to open a new support request.

Help and support in Microsoft Endpoint Manager

Share product feedback

To share your feedback about Endpoint analytics, select the Send a Smile icon at the top of the portal on the right side. Use the text box to provide your feedback and select Submit feedback when done.

Send a Smile icon in Microsoft Endpoint Manager

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