Service windows for site servers

Applies to: Configuration Manager (current branch)

You can configure service windows at central administration sites and primary sites to control when in-console updates can install. You can configure multiple windows, with the window allowed for installing updates being determined by a combination of all service windows for that site server.

When no service window is configured:

  • On your top-tier site (a central administration site or stand-alone primary site) you choose when to start the update installation.
  • On a child-primary site, the update automatically installs after the update completes installation at the central administration site.
  • On a secondary site, updates never start automatically. Instead, you must manually start the update installation from within the console, after the parent primary site has installed the update.

When a service window is configured:

  • On your top-tier site, you will not be able to start the installation of any new update from within the Configuration Manager console. Even with a service window configured, the site automatically downloads updates so they are ready to install.
  • On a child-primary site, updates that have installed at a central administration site will download to the primary site, but do not automatically start. You cannot manually start the install of an update during a time that is blocked by use of a service window. At a time when service windows no longer block update installation, the update install automatically starts.
  • Secondary sites do not support service windows, and do not automatically install updates. After the primary parent site of a secondary site installs an update, you can start the update of the secondary site from within the console.

To configure a service window

  1. In Configuration Manager console open Administration > Site Configuration > Sites, and then select the site server where you want to configure a service window.

  2. Next, edit the site servers Properties and select the Service Window tab, where you can then set one or more service windows for that site server.