Deployment Monitoring Tool

Applies to: Configuration Manager (current branch)

The Deployment Monitoring Tool is one of the Configuration Manager tools. It's a graphical user interface designed to assist in troubleshooting application, software update, and configuration baseline deployments on a Configuration Manager client. The tool is read-only as it doesn't change any state on the client. You can safely use it to diagnose common deployment scenarios.


  • Run it as an administrator to troubleshoot deployments on a local client.

  • Troubleshoot deployments on a remote client. Launch the tool and connect to a remote machine as an administrator.

  • Export to XML all the data collected in the tool. Share the XML file with others, and use it as a common platform for talking about troubleshooting deployments.

  • Import previously exported data to a different machine, and use it to run the tool in offline mode.


The Deployment Monitoring Tool supports graphical user interface only. To launch the tool, run DeploymentMonitoringTool.exe as an administrator. There are three views:

  • Client Properties: A list of useful attributes about the device and the Configuration Manager client. This view is the default.

  • Deployments: View all of the currently targeted deployments. Select a deployment in the results pane to view more information in the details pane.

  • All Updates: View all of the software updates and their status.

To copy data in any view, select a cell, and press CTRL + C.

Actions menu

The following actions are available in the Actions menu:

  • Connect to remote machine: Select a computer to connect to. When you don't specify a user name and password, it uses the current credentials. Click Save to connect to remote computer.

  • Export Data: Select the file to write the data into, and click Save. Use the exported XML file for remote troubleshooting on a different computer.

  • Import Data: Select a file to import into the tool.

  • View Log: Opens an associated log file, depending upon the view:

    • Client Properties: \\<hostname>\c$\Windows\CCM\Logs\PolicyAgent.log
    • Deployments: \\<hostname>\c$\Windows\CCM\Logs\PolicyAgent.log
    • All Updates: C:\Windows\WindowsUpdate.log

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