Reference for application entities

The Application category contains entities for devices that track information such as:

  • Versions of an app
  • Installation source of an app
  • Type of developers who created an app
  • Managed software types for an app, for example sidecar or desktop
  • Volume Purchasing Program (VPP) state of an app


The appRevision entity lists all the versions of apps.

Property Description Example
appKey Unique identifier of the App. 123
applicationId Unique identifier of the App - similar to AppKey, but this key is a natural. b66bc706-ffff-7437-0340-032819502773
revision The version as mentioned by admin during uploading of the binary. 2
title Title of the app. Excel
publisher Publisher of the app. Microsoft
uploadState Upload state of the app. 1
appTypeKey Reference to AppType described in the following section.
vppProgramTypeKey Reference to VppProgramType described below.
creationTime The time when this revision was created. 11/23/2016 12:00:00 AM
modifiedTime Last time anything related to this revision was changed. 11/23/2016 12:00:00 AM
size Size of the binary.
startDateInclusiveUTC Date and time in UTC when this App revision was created in the data warehouse. 11/23/2016 12:00:00 AM
endDateExclusiveUTC Date and time in UTC when this app revision became obsolete. 11/23/2016 12:00:00 AM
isCurrent Indicates whether this App version is current or not in the data warehouse. True/False
rowLastModifiedDateTimeUTC Date and time in UTC when this app version was last modified in the data warehouse. 11/23/2016 12:00:00 AM


The appType entity lists the installation source of an app.

Property Description
appTypeID ID for the type
appTypeKey Surrogate key for the key
appTypeName App type


AppTypeID Name Description
0 Android store app An Android store app.
1 Android LOB app An Android line-of-business app.
2 Managed Android store app (MAM) An Android store app that has management enabled.
3 iOS store app An iOS store app.
4 iOS LOB app An iOS line-of-business app.
5 Managed iOS store app (MAM?) An iOSstore app that is management enabled.
6 Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise The Microsoft 365 Apps for Windows 10.
7 Web app A web app.
8 Windows Phone 8.1 store app A Windows phone 8.1 store app.
9 Windows store app A Windows store app.
10 Windows LOB apps A Windows AppX line-of-business app.
11 Windows Mobile MSI An MSI line-of-business app.
12 Windows Phone LOB app A Windows phone line-of-business app.


The vppProgramType entity lists possible VPP program types for an app.

Property Description
vppProgramTypeID ID for the type.
vppProgramTypeKey Surrogate key for the key.
vppProgramTypeName VPP Program type.


VppProgramID Name Description
3DDA2474-470B-4503-9830-2665C21C1945 Microsoft Microsoft's VPP program.
00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000 Not Yet Available Default value, No VPP.
B54814E0-68EA-4BA4-8088-B5AAB58E737B Apple Apple's VPP program.


The applicationInventory entity lists the applications found on the device at the time of inventory collection.


This entity is in the process of being deprecated.

Property Description
deviceKey This is a reference to the Device table which contains the Intune device ID.
dateKey Reference to date table indicating the day of inventory.
applicationName The application name.
applicationVersion Version of the application.
bundleSize The size of the app in bytes.


The mobileAppInstallState entity represents the install state for a mobile application after it has been assigned to a group containing devices, users or both.

Property Description
appInstallStateKey The unique ID of the app install state for your account.
appInstallState Enum value of the app install state.
appInstallStateName Name of the app install state.