Monitor device status when you integrate Microsoft Defender for Endpoint with Intune

When you integrate Microsoft Intune and Microsoft Defender for Endpoint, you can view information about device compliance and onboarding in the Microsoft Endpoint Manager admin center.

Monitor device compliance

Monitor the state of devices that have the Microsoft Defender for Endpoint compliance policy.

  1. Sign in to the Microsoft Endpoint Manager admin center.

  2. Select Devices > Monitor > Policy compliance.

  3. Find your Microsoft Defender for Endpoint policy in the list, and see which devices are compliant or noncompliant.

You can also use the operational report for noncompliant devices from the same location:

  • Select Devices > Monitor > Noncompliant devices.

For more information about reports, see Intune reports.

View onboarding status

To view the onboarding status of your Intune-managed devices, go to Endpoint security > Microsoft Defender for Endpoint. From this page, you can also create a device configuration profile to onboard more devices to Microsoft Defender for Endpoint.

Next steps

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