Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security connector with Intune

You can control mobile device access to corporate resources based on risk assessment conducted by Lookout, a Mobile Threat Defense solution integrated with Microsoft Intune. Risk is assessed based on telemetry collected from devices by the Lookout service including:

  • Operating system vulnerabilities
  • Malicious apps installed
  • Malicious network profiles

You can configure Conditional Access policies based on Lookout's risk assessment enabled through Intune compliance policies for enrolled devices, which you can use to allow or block noncompliant devices to access corporate resources based on detected threats. For unenrolled devices, you can use app protection policies to enforce a block or selective wipe based on detected threats.

How do Intune and Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security help protect company resources?

Lookout's mobile app, Lookout for work, is installed and run on mobile devices. This app captures file system, network stack, and device and application telemetry where available, then sends it to the Lookout cloud service to assess the device's risk for mobile threats. You can change risk level classifications for threats in the Lookout console to suit your requirements.

Supported platforms

The following platforms are supported for Lookout when enrolled in Intune:

  • Android 5.0 and later
  • iOS 12 and later

For additional information about platform and language support, visit the Lookout website.


  • Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security enterprise subscription
  • Microsoft Intune subscription
  • Azure Active Directory Premium
  • Enterprise Mobility and Security (EMS) E3 or E5, with licenses assigned to users.

For more information, see Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security

Sample scenarios

Here are the common scenarios when using Mobile Endpoint Security with Intune.

Control access based on threats from malicious apps

When malicious apps such as malware are detected on devices, you can block devices from the following until the threat is resolved:

  • Connecting to corporate e-mail
  • Syncing corporate files with the OneDrive for Work app
  • Accessing company apps

Block when malicious apps are detected:

Conceptual image of policy blocking access due to malicious apps

Access granted on remediation:

Conceptual image showing access being granted to devices after remediation

Control access based on threat to network

Detect threats to your network such as man-in-the-middle attacks and protect access to WiFi networks based on the device risk.

Block network access through WiFi:

Image showing the blocking of WiFi access based on network threats

Access granted on remediation:

Conceptual image of Conditional Access allowing access after remediation

Control access to SharePoint Online based on threat to network

Detect threats to your network such as Man-in-the-middle attacks, and prevent synchronization of corporate files based on the device risk.

Block SharePoint Online when network threats are detected:

Conceptual image of blocking access to SharePoint Online

Access granted on remediation:

Conceptual image of allowing access after the network threat is remediated

Control access on unenrolled devices based on threats from malicious apps

When the Lookout Mobile Threat Defense solution considers a device to be infected:

App protection policy blocks due to detected malware

Access is granted on remediation:

Access is granted on remediation for App protection policy

Next steps

Here are the main steps you must do to implement this solution: