An existing email account was found

If you set up your work email on your device prior to enrollment, your organization may require you to remove it.

Doing this allows your organization to set you up with an email profile that meets their network and security requirements. After you disconnect, you'll just need to sync your device and you'll regain access to your email.

Complete the following steps to disconnect the existing account and update device settings. If you don't complete these steps, you may lose or have limited mobile access to your work account.

  1. On your device, go to Settings and find your connected accounts. On an iOS 11+ device, for example, you'd select Password & Accounts.

  2. Select and remove the account that you've linked to your work email.

  3. Open the Company Portal app on your device.

  4. Under your list of devices, select the device you want to update.

  5. Select Check settings. Within a few moments, your device will sync your new email settings.

  6. Sign in to your email account.

Next steps

Still need help? Contact your company support. For their contact information, check the Company Portal website.