Manually sync macOS device with Intune

A manual sync forces your device to connect with Intune to get the latest updates, requirements, and communications from your organization. Company Portal regularly syncs devices as long as you have a Wi-Fi connection. However, if you ever need to disconnect for an extended period of time, the sync feature ensures that you can get any updates you missed when you return.

Syncing can also help resolve work-related downloads or other processes that are in progress or stalled. If you're experiencing slow or unusual behavior while installing or using a work app, try syncing your device to see if an update or requirement is missing.

Sync device

To force a sync:

  1. Open the Company Portal app.

  2. Select Devices.

  3. If you only have one device, you'll go directly to the device details screen and can skip to step 4. If you have multiple devices, you'll see all devices inline at the top of the page. Select the device that you're currently using.

    Screenshot of the Devices screen, showing three devices and highlighting the one that the user is currently using. Also highlights text that says "This is the device you are currently using."

  4. Select More [...] and then choose Check Status to sync your device.

    Screenshot of the device details highlighting Check status link.

  5. Wait while Company Portal confirms your device status. The status will update onscreen to tell you whether or not you meet your organization's security requirements.

    Screenshot of the Device details highlighting the loading bar.

Next steps

Once you've completed these steps, check to see if your initial problem is resolved. If it's not, it may help to restart the stalled installation or task. Still need help? Contact your company support. For contact information, check the Company Portal website.