Get started with the Mesh app on your HoloLens 2 (Preview)

The Microsoft Mesh app (Preview) is a collaboration-first experience for HoloLens 2, built on Microsoft Mesh services. With the Mesh app, you can create spaces to work with others in your organization. You'll get a more natural and productive collaboration experience, with the feeling of being in the same room while working from different locations.

Microsoft Mesh app collaboration experience.


To try the Microsoft Mesh app (Preview), you will need:

Get the app and sign in

  1. Install the Microsoft Mesh app (Preview) from the Microsoft Store.

  2. On your HoloLens 2, launch the Microsoft Mesh app from the pins panel.

  3. Sign into the app using your Microsoft Azure AD account (enterprise) or your Microsoft Account (personal).

  4. The first time you run the app, you must accept the Microsoft Mesh (Preview) terms and conditions. (Also see Microsoft Privacy Statement.)

Next steps