Common Data Viewer Features

This section describes message processing features that enable you to manipulate the data presentation format, context, and content across multiple data viewers that are common to any particular Analysis Session. The primary data viewer where you apply the data manipulation features described in this section is the default Analysis Grid viewer, but you can also apply them to other data viewers, for example, the Chart, Grouping, and Gantt viewers. However, this section describes only the data manipulation features as they apply to the Analysis Grid viewer, given that this is the most common data viewer. Moreover, you can apply these data manipulation features to other viewers in the same or different session and they will have a similar impact. But note in general that the application of the Message Analyzer data manipulation assets or other tools described in this section will impact only the data viewer that is currently in focus.

The common data viewer features are described in the following topics:

Using the Filtering Toolbar
Filtering Data Sources
Setting Time Shifts
Configuring Time Format Settings
Using and Managing Message Analyzer Aliases
Configuring and Managing Message Analyzer Unions