Event Log IDs

The Event Log IDs viewer Layout for Charts provides a horizontal Bar element visualizer component that displays the message count associated with each EventID in an event (*.evtx) log. This Layout provides an immediate visual assessment of the relative distribution of message volume per EventID — ordered from the highest to the lowest volume. As you might expect, this exposes which EventIDs had the most significant volumes.

Using the Event Log IDs Layout

From a quick visual assessment of the data in this Layout alone, you can determine the events that involved the highest message count, which could be an indication of where further investigation is needed, for example, very busy processes that are generating a large number of events. High volumes might also point to an overburdened system component or application that is issuing a lot of event traffic or experiencing a high rate of errors. Sparse traffic might be an indication of dropped packets due to misconfigured ETW Session buffer settings, as described in Specifying Advanced ETW Session Configuration Settings.

Interactive Analysis
The Event Log IDs Layout for the Chart viewer is intended to work with the Event Log Layout for the Analysis Grid viewer and the Event Viewer Layout for the Grouping viewer, to create an integrated and interactive analysis environment. You will be able to correlate the data most effectively if you have these viewers and Layouts displayed. Note that these viewers and Layouts are configured in the Event Logs Profile and will display after you load data from a *.evtx file, provided that you enabled this Profile on the Profiles tab of the Options dialog (accessible from the global Message Analyzer Tools menu).

As an example of interactively driving the display of messages associated with a particular EventID, you can double-click any bar element in the Event Log IDs Layout to display the messages associated with that element in a new instance of the Analysis Grid viewer for focused analysis of the messages associated with a particular EventID. The Event Viewer Layout for the Grouping viewer also enables a greater interactive context with additional enhancements to the analysis process.

More Information
To learn more about interactively analyzing Event log data with the indicated viewing and Layout configurations, see the following topics:
Applying and Managing Analysis Grid Viewer Layouts — see the Event Log Layout in this topic.
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Working With Message Analyzer Profiles — see the Event Logs Profile in the table of this topic to review a related usage scenario and analysis example and to learn how to manually display the Grouping and Chart viewers with the Layouts defined in this Profile.