Filtering Column Data

To enable you to rapidly isolate messages containing specific field values, names, or other text in a set of trace results displaying in the default Analysis Grid viewer, Message Analyzer provides a Column Filter feature. This feature enables you to filter a set of trace results based on search text that you enter in a Column Filter text box above most Analysis Grid viewer data columns. As soon as you enter a text value in a Column Filter text box, only the messages that meet the criteria of the search text that you specify in a particular column are displayed, while all other messages are temporarily hidden. To remove the effects of an applied Column Filter value and return to the original message set, you can manually clear the specified text value or you can click the Clear Search “x” in the Column Filter text box.

Enabling Column Filter Text Entry

To display Column Filter text boxes for the data columns displayed in the Analysis Grid viewer, click the Show Column Filter Row icon in the upper-left sector of the Analysis Grid viewer tab, immediately to the left of the MessageNumber column. When you click the Column Filter icon, a row of light amber-colored Column Filter text boxes displays immediately below the name of each column, with the exception of the Diagnosis column. To hide the Column Filter text boxes, click the Show Column Filter Row icon again.


The Column Filter feature is also available in the message Details Tool Window. You can display these Column Filter text boxes in Details in a manner that is similar to the previously described method.

Locating Messages with Matching Search Text

As you type search text into a Column Filter box, the filter results display immediately so you can quickly locate messages, field values, or other text of interest. For example, if you ran a Live Trace Session with the Local Network Interfaces Trace Scenario and you wanted to look at all the UDP messages that you captured, you could type “UDP” in the Column Filter text box at the top of the Module column of the Analysis Grid viewer. This action would display only the top-level UDP messages in a trace. Note that Column Filters do not recognize text matches in the origins tree (stack), unless a stack message node containing the search text is already open and the matching text is exposed. In this case, such a message would also be returned as a match.


Column Filter input values are case-insensitive.