Managing Asset Collection Downloads and Updates

The features that are available to manage asset collection downloads and updates consist of the following:

  • Opting in or out of the auto-sync process for asset collections (and OPN Parser packages) at first Message Analyzer start up.

  • Manually toggling the Online/Offline mode to moderate the update process.

  • Syncing all displayed asset collections at once.

  • Manually downloading specific asset collections.

  • Manually setting asset collections for auto-synced updates.

  • Searching and filtering asset collections.

These capabilities are described in the following topics:

Syncing Items on First Startup
Filtering and Searching For Items
Downloading Assets and Auto-Syncing Updates

More Information
To learn more about managing OPN Parser packages, see Managing Microsoft OPN Parser Packages.
To learn more about managing the Microsoft subscriber feed, see Managing the Default Subscriber Feed.

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