NTP Time Offset

The NTP Time Offset view Layout for the Chart viewer enables you to observe Time Offset data over the timeline of a set of trace results per network conversation, which you can select in a legend to the right of the Timeline graphic visualizer component. This will help you understand time offset from the network perspective and to troubleshoot time-related issues. This view Layout is accessible from the Chart drop-down list that appears when you click Chart in the New Viewer list on the global Message Analyzer toolbar.

Message Analyzer also provides a Profile that displays the NTP Time Offset view Layout for the Chart viewer by default whenever you load a *.cap, *.pcap, *.etl, or *.pcapng file while the NTP Time Offset Profile is enabled in the Options dialog. This dialog is accessible from the global Message Analyzer Tools menu. The NTP Time Offset Profile also configures the NTP Time Offset Layout for the Analysis Grid viewer and the NTP Source Layout for the Grouping viewer. However, you will need to manually select these Layouts as the Default in the respective Layout lists for these viewers in the New Viewers drop-down list on the global Message Analyzer toolbar. Note that these viewers are integrated and interactive so that you can correlate the data through the different viewing perspectives that they create.


To obtain meaningful results with the NTP Time Offset view Layout, the above supported file types must contain time offset data that is captured by the NTP module.

More Information
To learn more about the Message Analyzer Profiles, see Working With Message Analyzer Profiles.