PEF-NDIS Fast Filters

The Microsoft-PEF-NDIS-PacketCapture filter driver enables you to select messages from a trace that meet certain criteria. You can select specific message data from a trace by configuring a Fast Filter on the Provider tab of the Advanced Settings - Microsoft-PEF-NDIS-PacketCapture dialog, which is accessible by clicking the Configure link to the right of the provider Id in the ETW Providers list on the Live Trace tab of the New Session dialog. Messages that pass the filtering criteria are then passed to Message Analyzer Runtime processing. Driver-level filtering can lower system loads by passing less data, reducing CPU processing, and writing fewer events, which prevents costly disk I/O. Driver filtering enables significant improvements in speed over copying messages to the Runtime and then filtering with its parsing engine.


Following the use of a Fast Filter in a Live Trace Session, you still have the option to further filter your trace results with a view Filter, for analysis purposes. You can specify a view Filter from the Filter panel Library that displays when you click Add Filter in the Add Filter drop-down list on the Filtering toolbar.

The different types of Fast Filters for the Microsoft-PEF-NDIS-PacketCapture provider are described in the following topics:

OLP Filters
LinkLevelAddress Filters
IPv4Address Filters
IPv6Address Filters

By using these filters, you can direct the Microsoft-PEF-NDIS-PacketCapture provider to isolate message traffic based on values of specific types of addresses or offset length patterns (OLPs).

More Information
To learn more about the settings for Microsoft-PEF-NDIS-PacketCapture Fast Filters, see the Common Provider Configuration Settings Summary.
To learn more about Fast Filter configuration capabilities, see Using the Advanced Settings - Microsoft-PEF-NDIS-PacketCapture Dialog.