Microsoft Excel Apps Security and Compliance

Microsoft works with our Microsoft 365 developer partners to provide the information organizations need to expedite and inform decisions about Microsoft Excel Apps and add-ins they use. The information is supplemented with information from the Microsoft Cloud App Security app catalog and information provided by the developers when they submit their applications. This security, data handling, and compliance information is intended to help organizations assess and manage risk in using these apps.

App Partner Publisher Attested Certified
Canon EMEA Service Cost Calculator for B2B Partners Canon EMEA
CloudExtend Analytics for NetSuite Celigo CloudExtend
Excel-to-Word Document Automation AnalysisPlace for Office Corporation
Impression Signatures Impression Signatures
iPlanner reporting tool for Office 365 Planner iGlobe Certified application badge
Jira Cloud for Excel
Lucidchart Diagrams for Excel Lucid Software Inc
MeaningCloud Text Analytics for Excel MeaningCloud
Office2SharePoint for Office iGlobe Certified application badge
officeatwork | Content Chooser for Office officeatwork
officeatwork | Image Chooser for Office officeatwork
officeatwork | Template Chooser for Office officeatwork
QuickCells Graphs CC-1C
QuickCells Solvers CC-1C
Report Builder Adobe Inc.
Wunder365 for Office JiJi Technologies Private Limited