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Last updated by the developer on: November 3, 2020

General information

Information provided by Baltic Amadeus to Microsoft:

Information Response
App name Retro
ID WA200001892
Office 365 clients supported Microsoft Teams
Partner company name Baltic Amadeus
URL of partner website
URL of Privacy Policy
URL of Terms of Use


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How the app handles data

This information has been provided by Baltic Amadeus about how this app collects and stores organizational data and the control that your organization will have over the data the app collects.

Data access using Microsoft Graph

List any Microsoft Graph permissions this app requires.

This application does not use Microsoft Graph.

Non-Microsoft services used

If the app transfers or shares organizational data with non-Microsoft service, list the non-Microsoft service the app uses, what data is transferred, and include a justification for why the app needs to transfer this information.

All non-Microsoft services OII is transferred to What OII is transferred? Justification for transferring OII?
Retro app has its own Web API which is not considered a Microsoft service. As mentioned before, it stores Email and Fullname for identification and appropriate content display purposes. This data is not sent anywhere else. In addition, Retro has an optional functionality to export sprint data to Atlassian confluence space. In order to do so, user has to enter their confluence username and password. This data is only used to make authenticated requests to confluence api on behalf of the user and are not stored nor logged anywhere. Retro has its own Web API that is also registered in azure. In order to use it, user must be authenticated via Microsoft Identity Platform. The user has to be authenticated so Retro app can server user specific content

Data access via bots

If this app contains a bot or a messaging extension, it can access end-user identifiable information (EUII): the roster (first name, last name, display name, email address) of any team member in a team or chat it's added to. Does this app make use of this capability?

Justification for accessing EUII? Is EUII stored in database(s)? Justification for storing EUII?
Bot accesses the roster in order to check which member joined or left the team. Based on that, it either adds or deactivates that user from the project so that user is no longer displayed in sprint participants list. Email and FullName are linked together and are stored in the database. Email is used for user identification in order to display appropriate content for the logged in user. FullName is used for displaying puproses, so other users can know who they are evaluating or writing feedback for.

Telemetry data

Does any organizational identifiable information (OII) or end-user identifiable information (EUII) appear in this application's telemetry or logs? If yes, describe what data is stored and what are the retention and removal policies?

No. The only process that generates telemetry/logs in Retro app is error logging. Error logs don't include any EUII or OII

Organizational controls for data stored by partner

Describe how organization's administrators can control their information in partner systems? e.g. deletion, retention, auditing, archiving, end-user policy, etc.

Data is stored in azure sql server database. It is stored via Retro app and Retro bot. By default azure sql database has transparent data encryption enabled. Database is locked behind basic authentication.

Human review of organizational information

Are humans involved in reviewing or analyzing any organizational identifiable information (OII) data that is collected or stored by this app?



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Questions or updates to any of the information you see here? Contact us!