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Last updated by the developer on: December 16, 2019

General information

Information provided by Zoho Corporation Private Limited to Microsoft:

Information Response
App name Zoho Sprints
ID WA200000188
Office 365 clients supported Microsoft Teams
Partner company name Zoho Corporation Private Limited
URL of partner website https://www.zoho.com/sprints/
URL of Privacy Policy https://www.zoho.com/privacy.html
URL of Terms of Use https://www.zoho.com/terms.html


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How the app handles data

This information has been provided by Zoho Corporation Private Limited about how this app collects and stores organizational data and the control that your organization will have over the data the app collects.

Data access using Microsoft Graph

List any Microsoft Graph permissions this app requires.

Permission Type of permission (Delegated/ Application) Is data collected? Justification for collecting it? Is data stored? Justification for storing it? Azure AD App ID
Calendars.ReadWrite delegated alendar Folder Id is stored to sync the contacts from Zoho Sprints to Microsoft & vice-versa. f6d7187a-b437-4eca-bbc5-c1331609fe07
Contacts.ReadWrite delegated Contacts Folder Id is stored to sync the contacts. f6d7187a-b437-4eca-bbc5-c1331609fe07
Files.Read.All delegated f6d7187a-b437-4eca-bbc5-c1331609fe07
Files.Read.Selected delegated UserPrincipalName is stored for user identification. Read files that the user selects f6d7187a-b437-4eca-bbc5-c1331609fe07
User.Read delegated Sign in and read user profile f6d7187a-b437-4eca-bbc5-c1331609fe07
User.ReadBasic.All delegated Allow users to import Office365 users to Zoho Sprints. f6d7187a-b437-4eca-bbc5-c1331609fe07
email delegated f6d7187a-b437-4eca-bbc5-c1331609fe07
offline_access delegated Maintain access to data you have given it access to f6d7187a-b437-4eca-bbc5-c1331609fe07

Non-Microsoft services used

If the app transfers or shares organizational data with non-Microsoft service, list the non-Microsoft service the app uses, what data is transferred, and include a justification for why the app needs to transfer this information.

Non-Microsoft services are not used.

Data access via bots

If this app contains a bot or a messaging extension, it can access end-user identifiable information (EUII): the roster (first name, last name, display name, email address) of any team member in a team or chat it's added to. Does this app make use of this capability?

No EUII is accessed.

Telemetry data

Does any organizational identifiable information (OII) or end-user identifiable information (EUII) appear in this application's telemetry or logs? If yes, describe what data is stored and what are the retention and removal policies?

We don't collect EUII / PII in telemetry and logs. We have scripts in place to look for and alert for fixing any such data being visible.

Organizational controls for data stored by partner

Describe how organization's administrators can control their information in partner systems? e.g. deletion, retention, auditing, archiving, end-user policy, etc.

Customer can select the data that needs to be encrypted via EAR (Encryption At Rest)with certaat restrictions.Passwords will be hashed by default. Logical access to the servers is provided through an isolated & dedicated network and is highly secured and


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Questions or updates to any of the information you see here? Contact us!