Reset passwords in Microsoft 365 for business

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This article explains how to reset passwords for yourself and for your users when you have a Microsoft 365 for business subscription.


You can also set up self-service password reset for your users so they can reset their own passwords. To learn more, see Let users reset their own passwords.


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Before you begin

This article is for people who set password expiration policy for a business, school, or nonprofit. To complete these steps, you need to sign in with your Microsoft 365 admin account. Overview in the Microsoft 365 admin center.

You must be an global admin or password administrator to perform these steps.

Watch: Reset a business password for a user

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  1. When a user requests a new password, you'll receive a password reset request in email. To reset the password, open the app launcher and select Admin.
  2. In the Microsoft 365 admin center, select Users, Active users, and then select the key icon next to the user who requested the reset.
  3. Select Auto-generate password to have a random password automatically created.
  4. Select Reset.

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Steps: Reset a business password for a user

  1. In the admin center, go to the Users > Active users page.

  2. On the Active users page, select the user and then select Reset password.

  3. Follow the instructions on the Reset password page to auto-generate a new password for the user or create one for them, and then select Reset.

  4. Enter an email address the user can get to so they receive the new password, and follow up with them to make sure they got it.

Let users reset their own passwords

We strongly recommend that you set up self-service password reset. This way you don't have to manually reset passwords for your users. Less work for you! To learn how, see Let users reset their own passwords in Office 365.

Reset my admin password

Use these steps if you forgot your password but you're able to sign in to Microsoft 365 because, for example, your password is saved in your browser:

  1. Select your name (icon) in upper right corner > My Account > Personal Info.

  2. Under Contact details, double-check that your Alternate email is accurate and that you've provided a mobile phone number. If not, change them now.

  3. Sign out: select your name in the upper right corner > Sign out.

  4. Now sign in again: type your user name > Next > and then select Forgot password.

  5. Follow the steps in the wizard to reset your password. It uses your alternate contact info to verify you're the right person to reset your password.

If you forgot your password and can't sign in:

  • Ask another global admin in your business to reset your password for you.

  • Make sure you've provided alternate contact information, including a mobile phone number.

  • Or, call Microsoft Support.

Reset all business passwords for everyone in your organization at the same time

These steps work for a business with tens of users. If you have hundreds or thousands of users, see the next section on resetting passwords in bulk (maximum 40 users at a time).

  1. In the admin center, go to the Users > Active users page.

  2. Select the option next to Display name to select everyone in your business. Then unselect yourself. You can't reset your own password at the same time you reset everyone else's password.

  3. Select Reset password.

  4. Follow the instructions on the Reset password page, and select Reset. If you opted for auto-generating the passwords, the new temporary passwords will be displayed.

  5. Enter an email address where you can receive the temporary passwords. You'll need to notify your users what their temporary passwords are.

Reset business passwords in bulk

Use PowerShell! Check out this post by Eyal Doron: Managing passwords with PowerShell.

For overview information, see Manage Microsoft 365 with PowerShell.

Force a password change for all users in your business

Check out this great blog post by Vasil Michev, Microsoft MVP: Force password change for all users in Office 365.

I don't have a Microsoft 365 for business subscription

Try this article: I forgot the username or password for the account I use with Office.

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