Show or hide new features using What's New Management

Office What's New Management for Windows allows your organization to decide which features are shown to or hidden from end users in the Office desktop app. Each release of Office includes new and improved features, and the content preview allows you to view new content for each release version and channel, and choose whether to hide or show What's new content for each feature to end users.

The What's new content in the Office desktop apps highlights a curated list of new features being released for that application, with a short description, and often a picture or a video created by the team releasing the feature to help customers learn how to use the feature.

Office What's New management is available in the Microsoft 365 admin center and through the Client Configuration Service.


Global admin and Office Apps admin roles manage the What's new content that users see in their Office apps.

Show or hide new features

Admins can preview the What's new content for a channel, and manage the release of the content using Office What's New management.

  1. In the Microsoft 365 admin center, under Settings, choose Org settings.

  2. On the Services tab, choose Office What's New management.

  3. Select one or more features to view the feature name, a short description, the application, and the release version for each feature on the flyout panel.

  4. Choose Hide from users or Show to users.
    The status Shown by default indicates feature information is shown by default to users until the admin sets the status for a feature to Hidden or Shown.


    If a feature is available in multiple Office apps, setting the feature to hidden hides the feature announcement in all of the Office apps.

New features appear in Office What's New Management based on this schedule:

In management preview
Take action
15th of the month
1 - 3 weeks before the monthly release
Monthly Enterprise
1st of the month
2 weeks before the major release that brings new features
Semi-Annual Enterprise (Preview)
Sept 1 and March 1
2 weeks before the major release that brings new features
Semi-Annual Enterprise
Jan 1 and July 1
2 weeks before the major release that brings new features

For more information about channel update schedules, see Update history for Microsoft 365 Apps (listed by date).

Add Office What's New Management card to the admin center home page

  1. On the Microsoft 365 admin page, choose Add card on top of the page
  2. Locate What's New in Office Apps in the list and choose it.
  3. Once the card is on our home page, you can choose Manage to show or hide the features for yor organization.

Office What's New management is now generally available