Update your admin phone number and email address


The admin center is changing. If your experience doesn't match the details presented here, see About the new Microsoft 365 admin center.

This article explains how you, the admin, can change your business phone and email address in Microsoft 365.

If you're looking for how to change your company's profile information, such as company name and address, company phone number, and technical contact information, see Change your organization's address, technical contact email, and other information.

To update your name, phone number, and email address

Use the Settings and Privacy page to change your name, mobile phone number, and alternate email address. The alternate email address is used for important notifications, such as resetting your admin password (not your computer admin password).

  1. Browse to the Microsoft 365 admin center.

  2. In the header, select your profile icon > My account > Settings and Privacy.

  3. In the Contact Preferences section, select Manage and expand Contact preferences. Update your mobile, phone, and alternate email address. Make sure you use something different from your Microsoft email address for your alternate email address.


    The alternate email address and the mobile phone number are needed for resetting your admin password (not your computer admin password).

  4. When you are finished, select Save.

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