Customize the Microsoft 365 theme for your organization

As the admin of your Microsoft 365 for business subscription, you can change the default theme that appears in the top navigation bar for everyone in the organization:

  • Add your company logo.
  • Change the colors to match the rest of your brand.
  • Add a destination link users go when they select your logo.

Customize your theme in the admin center

  1. In the admin center, go to the Settings > Org Settings page, and then choose the Organization profile tab.

  2. On the Organization profile tab, choose Custom themes.

  3. On the Customs themes panel, change the theme elements that you want for your organization:

    • Use a custom logo image: Choose whether to use an image from a URL or to upload an image. If you use a URL, make sure that the URL uses HTTPS and that the image is 200 x 30 pixels of any format of any size. You can upload a logo under 10 KB that is 200 x 30 pixels in JPG, PNG, GIF, or SVG format.


      For the logo to appear in the SharePoint mobile app, use only SVG images. Images uploaded in any other format don't display in the app. Logos are not clickable in the SharePoint Mobile app.

    • Make logo clickable: You can use your logo in the navigation bar as a link to any company resource. You can enter the URL for the logo here, starting with http:// or https://. This is optional.

    • Select background image: Select the image and upload your own JPG, PNG, or GIF with a resolution of 1366 x 50 pixels, no larger than 15 KB. The background image appears in the top navigation bar on every page.


      Images that contain text might not display as expected. Built-in elements that appear on the right and left sides of the navigation bar can vary across services, and your text might be obscured by those elements.

    • Navigation bar color: Select a color to use for the background of the navigation bar. The navigation bar appears at the top on every page.

    • Text and icons: Select a color to use for the text and icons on the top navigation bar.

    • Accent color: Select a color to use for the navigation bar button hover color and page accents like buttons and text on certain applications.

    • Prevent users from overriding theme: Flip this toggle to prevent users from choosing their own theme from our theme selection. This doesn't prevent users from being able to set a high contrast theme.

    • Show the user name: Choose whether to show a user's full name at the entry point to the account manager in the top right of the page when the user is signed in. By default, users see their photo or their initials, if no photo was uploaded.

  4. Select Save changes.

You can see your new theme in the admin center right away. After a short delay, you can see it throughout Microsoft 365, including on pages in Outlook, SharePoint, SharePoint mobile app for iOS, and SharePoint mobile app for Android.

You can remove your custom icon or custom colors at any time. Just return to the theme page and select Remove custom theming.

Best Practices

  • Logo image: Use an SVG file type so that your logo appears at high resolution on all screens and at all zoom levels.

  • Custom colors: Choose a Nav bar background color with a high contrast ratio with the Logo image that you picked. Choose a Text and icons color with a high contrast ratio to the Nav bar background color so that all text and icons are clearly visible.

  • Accent color: Pick one that shows up well on a white or light background. The accent color is used to color some links and buttons that show up on a white or light background. For example, the accent color is used to color elements in a user's inbox and on their portal page.

  • Contrast ratio: The recommended contrast ratio between text, icon, or button color and background color is 4.5:1.

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