Secure Windows 10 computers

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This article applies to Microsoft 365 Business Premium.

After you have set up Microsoft 365 Business Premium, it is time to protect the Windows 10 computers in your org from theft, and malicious threats like viruses and malware.

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After you set up device protection in Microsoft 365 Business, follow these steps to protect your Windows 10 computers.

  1. In the Microsoft 365 admin center, choose Setup.

  2. Under Secure your Windows computers , select View.

  3. Select Get started.

  4. Under Who should the policy apply to?, choose whether your selections will be applied to everyone in your organization or to specific security groups.

  5. Select Save changes.

To secure your Windows 10 computers

  1. Sign in to Microsoft 365 admin center by using your global admin credentials.

  2. On the left nav, select Setup and then, under Sign-in and security, choose Secure your Windows 10 computers. Choose View to get started.

  3. On the Secure your Windows 10 computers page, read all the information to understand what you are turning on, and what the user impact is.

    On the top of the page, choose Get started.

  4. On the Secure your Windows 10 computers pane, select the options you want to turn on. For more information about the settings, see Secure Windows devices (article).

    For most organizations, the options here offer a good level of security, however, if your organization has more complex security needs, you can also use pre-defined security baselines to secure your Windows 10 devices. For more information, see security baselines for Windows 10 devices.

  5. Choose Apply settings.

    These settings will apply to all users in your organization. To set up different policies for different security groups, see Set device protection settings for Windows 10 PCs.