Create an org-wide team

Try it!

Create an org-wide team in Microsoft Teams that everyone at your company can be a part of. As you add more users to Microsoft 365, they will automatically be added to this team.

  1. In Microsoft Teams, select Teams, then Create team.
  2. Choose Build a team from scratch.
  3. Select Create an Org-wide team.


You must be a Microsoft 365 admin to view this option.

  1. Give your team a name, add a description, and then select Create.

Within your team are channels. The General channel is created automatically. You can add additional channels, separate conversations, and files for different departments, events, or projects.

Try any of the following:

  • Use the Posts tab for org-wide conversations and announcements, such as a welcome message to everyone.
  • On the Files tab, you can create new documents that everyone can contribute to, such as a Microsoft Word document. Or drag and drop existing documents into the Files tab.
  • Use the Wiki tab to take quick notes. And select the plus ( + ) sign to add apps or files as additional tabs.
  • With the tabs on the left, you can view recent activity, chat with other team members, view the teams you belong to, and your calendar. You can make voice and video calls to other team users, and view files you've recently worked on.