Host online meetings for your business

Need to meet with a client, customer, or partner, but can’t get everyone in one place? Don’t worry, have an online meeting. If they have a smartphone, tablet, or laptop, they can join in with Microsoft Teams.

They'll need to download the free version or join online in a browser to get video and screen sharing.

If you frequently collaborate closely on projects with a client, customer, or partner, consider so creating a team for your clients you can easily invite them to meetings and also have conversations, share files, and track projects all in Microsoft Teams.

Download an infographic to get a quick overview of how to join or host an online meeting with Microsoft Teams:

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1. Schedule a meeting

To schedule meetings with your employees, clients, and other guests, use Microsoft Teams. Try it:

  1. In Microsoft Teams, in the left navigation, choose Meetings.
  2. Choose Schedule a meeting.
  3. In the New meeting box, enter a Title and Location for the meeting.
  4. Enter a Start and End time and date.
  5. In the Details box, enter a description of the meeting and any other details you want to add, such as a meeting agenda.
  6. Under Invite people, enter the names of employees or clients that you want to invite.
  7. If you see Tentative or Busy below any names, choose one of the Free times provided, or click Scheduling assistant for more options.
  8. Choose Schedule a meeting.

2. Join a meeting

Use Microsoft Teams to join meetings with both employees in your company and clients outside of your company. Try it:

  1. In Microsoft Teams, in the left navigation, choose Meetings.
  2. Open the meeting you want to join, and choose Join Microsoft Teams Meeting.
  3. When the meeting opens, choose Join now.
  4. Any client invited to your meeting will open the meeting in their calendar, select the meeting link, download the Teams app or open it on the web, enter their name, and choose Join.
  5. When you see your client appear in the lobby, choose Admit to let them in.
  6. As soon as everyone joins, you can start the meeting.

3. Have an impromptu meeting

You can easily convert a chat in Microsoft Teams into a meeting. Just choose Video call button or Audio call button to start a call. You can add people to the call too if it needs to turn into a group discussion.

Need a little help? See Start a call from a chat in Teams.

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