Automatically install or uninstall Office on Windows 10 devices

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You can quickly and easily install Office to Windows 10 PCs from the Microsoft 365 Business admin center.

To understand how this works with previously installed Office apps, read Prepare for Office client installation before you get started.

Manage Office deployments

  1. Sign in to the admin center with global admin credentials.

  2. On the Devices card, choose Manage Office Deployment. If you do not see the Device actions card, in the admin center Home page, click Add (+) to add it to your admin home.

    Screenshot of the Devices card in the admin center

  3. On the Manage Office deployment pane that opens, choose Add a group, then select the groups you want use.

  4. After you have added the group or groups you want to use, from the Deployment Action drop-down, select either Install Office as soon as possible or Uninstall Office.

    In the Manage Office deployment pane, choose either Install Office as soon as possible, or Uninstall Office.

  5. Choose Next > review the settings and then choose Confirm.

A 32-bit Office will be automatically installed, or uninstalled in the devices owned by users specified by the group or groups you used.

To verify you can open the Task Manager on a computer that was selected for an Office install and look for Microsoft Office Click-to-Run process.