Get Microsoft 365 Business

Get Microsoft 365 Business from Microsoft

If you don't have a partner and want to get Microsoft 365 Business, you can buy it here.

See sign up for Microsoft 365 Business for detailed instructions.

You can also head over to a Microsoft Store to both buy Microsoft 365 Business and get set-up help.

Get Microsoft 365 Business from Microsoft Partner Center

  1. Sign in at Microsoft Partner Center by using the credentials you created when you enrolled to the Cloud Service Provider (CSP) program.

  2. On the Partner Dashboard, choose Customers, then select your customer or add a new customer before you get Microsoft 365 Business.

    In the Microsoft Partner center, add a new customer.

  3. On the customer's Subscription page, select Add subscription, choose the Small business option under Catalog, and then choose Microsoft 365 Business.

    Select the number of licenses you need (up to 300). If you have more than 300 users, see Microsoft 365 Enterprise instead.

    On the New subscription page choose small business.

    Complete the rest of the steps for adding a new customer including the business name.