Help your users install Office on Windows 10 devices

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You can quickly and easily install Office on Windows 10 PCs from the Microsoft 365 Business admin center.

To understand how this works with previously installed Office apps, read Prepare for Office client installation before you get started.

Watch a short video about installing Office apps.

If you found this video helpful, check out the complete training series for small businesses and those new to Microsoft 365.

Manage Office deployments

  1. Go to the admin center at, and sign in with global admin credentials.

  2. Go to Setup in the left navigation pane, and on the Setup page, scroll to Apps and updates.


    You might not see this card if all of your users have installed Office apps.

  3. On the Help users install their Office apps card, choose View, and then Get started.

  4. On the Email users a link to download Office panel, select the users you want to email, and then Email selected users.

    Select users to send email with Office download link.

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