Customize your sign-in page with a privacy and consent notice

Your business or campaign can make it easier for law enforcement agencies to file legal charges against online criminals by adding a privacy and consent notice to your sign-in page.

You can customize your sign-in page with your branding. You can also add text to help your users sign in, or to point out legal requirements or restrictions for getting access to Microsoft 365 resources.

Design customization the text on your sign-in page

To update the customizable elements on the sign-in page, you have to be a global admin. For specific instructions, see add company branding article.

The elements you can update are:

  • Sign-in page text An easy place to add the privacy and consent statement.
  • Sign-in page background image
  • Banner logo
  • Username hint

For examples of privacy and consent notices, see Appendix A in Searching and Seizing Computers and Obtaining Electronic Evidence in Criminal Investigations.