Allotment basics

License allotments let you set license limits and delegate management of license assignment to only the products and license limits that you select.

Allotments use group-based licensing to assign licenses to your users. License limits provide added control over how many licenses are assigned to the users in your groups. So even as the number of users in your groups increases, you can ensure that you stay within the license limit that you have set for your allotment.

You can also delegate management of your allotments. Delegated allotment owners gain access to the admin center, but can only see and manage the licenses in the allotments they own. This provides more granular delegation of license management within your organization.


You must meet the licensing requirements for group-based licensing.

You can use allotments with any product available to users:

  • Office suites and standalone products
  • Enterprise and Mobility products
  • Dynamics 365 products

The following products can't be used with allotments:

  • Microsoft Store apps
  • Perpetual software, or software that is directly assigned to a user if there is no license involved.
  • Azure resources

You must be a global or license admin to get started with an allotment.

Getting started

The allotments feature is available in a private preview to only a small number of customers. If you're interested in joining, fill out this form: