Archive third-party data

Microsoft 365 lets administrators import and archive third-party data from social media platforms, instant messaging platforms, and document collaboration platforms, to mailboxes in your Microsoft 365 organization. Examples of third-party data sources that you can import to Microsoft 365 include the following services:

  • Social: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Yammer

  • Instant messaging: Yahoo Messenger, GoogleTalk, and Cisco Jabber

  • Document collaboration: Box and DropBox

  • Vertical industries: Customer Relationship Management (such as Salesforce Chatter) and Financial Services (such as Bloomberg and Thomson Reuters)

  • SMS/text messaging: BlackBerry

After third-party data is imported, you can apply Microsoft 365 compliance features—such as Litigation Hold, eDiscovery, In-Place Archiving, Auditing, Communication compliance, and retention policies—to this data. For example, when a mailbox is placed on Litigation Hold, third-party data is preserved. You can search third-party data by using Microsoft eDiscovery tools. Or you can apply archiving and retention policies to third-party data just like you can for Microsoft data. In short, archiving third-party data in Microsoft 365 can help your organization stay compliant with government and regulatory policies.

There are two ways to import and archive third-party data in Microsoft 365:

  • Use a third-party data connector in the Security & Compliance Center: Use a custom data connector that's available in the Microsoft 365 compliance center. After you set up and configure the connector, it connects to the third-party data source, converts the content of an item to an email message format, and then imports the item to a mailbox in Microsoft 365. Currently, you can implement connectors to import and archive data from Facebook Business pages, corporate Twitter accounts, LinkedIn, Instant Bloomberg, and your organization's human resources (HR)data. For the step-by-step instructions to set up one of these connectors, see:

  • Work with a Microsoft partner: Your organization works with a Microsoft Partner who will provide a custom connector that will be configured to extract items from the third-party data source on a regular basis and then connect to the Microsoft cloud by a third-party API and import those items to Microsoft 365. The partner connector also converts the content of an item from the third-party data source to an email message and then imports it to a mailbox in Microsoft 365. For a list of partners that you can work with and the step-by-step process for this method, see Work with a partner to archive third-party data in Microsoft 365.