Archive third-party data in Office 365

Office 365 lets administrators import and archive third-party data from social media platforms, instant messaging platforms, and document collaboration platforms, to mailboxes in your Office 365 organization. Examples of third-party data sources that you can import to Office 365 include the following services:

  • Social: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Yammer

  • Instant messaging: Yahoo Messenger, GoogleTalk, and Cisco Jabber

  • Document collaboration: Box and DropBox

  • Vertical industries: Customer Relationship Management (such as Salesforce Chatter) and Financial Services (such as Bloomberg and Thomson Reuters)

  • SMS/text messaging: BlackBerry

After third-party data is imported, you can apply Office 365 compliance features – such as Litigation Hold, eDiscovery, In-Place Archiving, Auditing, Supervision, and Office 365 retention policies – to this data. For example, when a mailbox is placed on Litigation Hold, third-party data is preserved. You can search third-party data by using Microsoft eDiscovery tools. Or you can apply archiving and retention policies to third-party data just like you can for Microsoft data. In short, archiving third-party data in Office 365 can help your organization stay compliant with government and regulatory policies.

There are two ways to import and archive third-party data in Office 365: